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The products

The factory is specialized in tailoring prestigious embroidery attires, accessories and decorative artworks, every product is to be customized and altered to different needs and preferences of customers by designs, inspired by four seasons of japan, traditional Japanese patterns, Shousouin(正倉院) treasures, Kosode(小袖) of the Momoyama period to apply on the original patterns and colors on the finest silk to be treasured and by our valued customers. 

Kimono : Mist shapes and Cherry blossoms 

Embroidery in frame 
"Rakuchu-Rakugai-zu" ; Scenes in and around the capital 

H.68 x W.194 cm. (26.7 x 76.3 inches)
Silk threads, metallic 
threads and gold leaves 

"Folding fan and Nandin"

* Shifuku is Tea caddy pouch for the ceremony. 

Hanging Scroll
"long tail bird"

1710 x 945  (76.3 x 74.4 in,) 

Folding screen 
Takasode : wisteria"

1710 x 945  (76.3 x 74.4 in,) 

Products list


- Japanese traditional attires - 

Kimonos   Sashes   Collars   Shoes(Zouri)  Noh & Kabuki costumes   and   Noh headbands

- Accessories -

Bags   Neckties   Business  card cases(holder)  Scarves Suspenders   and   Vests


- Decorative Artworks -  

Hanging scrolls    Folding screens    Frames   and   Tapestries

- Embroidery tapestry repair, reproduce production -

- Custom embroidery products by order - 

For buying our products or visiting the gallery. Please make a reservation at   Make sure to make a reservation at least one week  before visiting. Please understand that we may not able to open the gallery on the day you prefer.  

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